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Hey girl hey!

My name is McKenzie Cunningham, the founder and CEO of SurSHE. I am a wife, mom, entrepreneur and the biggest cheerleader for the women around me. My favorite days are spent loving on my baby girl, hubby and 5 rescue animals (4 kitty cats and 1 VERY spoiled chihuahua). I love gardening, reading, listening to my favorite podcast (OBSESSED with Armchair Expert!), binge watching anything on Bravo, going to yoga and traveling. 

I got into the spirits industry (hard liquor y’all), when I was 22 and LOVED being in sales and interacting with all sorts of people every day. I traveled the country growing start-up spirit brands and managed multiple states and huge teams of sales reps, but no matter how much success I achieved, I always ended up feeling burned out and unfulfilled. I knew in my gut that even though I enjoyed my career, it was not my passion and I had to make a change. 


In February of 2019, I stopped by my girlfriend Katie’s house to purchase a hair bow for my daughter from her new company, Honor + Grace. After I pulled out of her neighborhood, I said out loud to myself, “How can I help her grow her business?”, the Universe heard me and answered by giving me the idea for SurSHE while sitting at a stoplight. I took this idea and silently ran with it. I spent the next 6 months building a plan, creating boxes, and aligning with the women and opportunities that were meant for me. With a whole lot of work and a lot more faith, I can now proudly introduce you to the community of female entrepreneurs that have kept me inspired since the start.

Thank you for supporting this dream of mine and I can’t wait for you to receive your first SurSHE box! 

XO Mckenzie