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Our Story.

SurSHE is a female empowerment company with two purposes. If you are a subscriber, SurSHE is a seasonal subscription box that allows you to shop local and support the women around you. Plus, each box purchased allows you to give back to charities and causes that change seasonally and are nominated by you! If you are a female entrepreneur, SurSHE is a marketing platform to help deliver your brand and story to the women who are looking to support you. 

Our goal is to close the entrepreneurship gap, inspire positive change in the female-owned business world, and lift up the women around us.

Y’all, women run the world! And since we are so busy running the world, our time is limited! Shopping local, supporting the women around us and giving back to charity is often out of reach, but don’t fret, that is where SurSHE comes in. 

Each season, subscribers receive a box of products made by female entrepreneurs. Each box is tailored around our subscribers’ interests and needs in hopes of discovering new brands they will LOVE! Not only do you receive products, you also get introduced to the woman behind each brand and hear a little bit of her story! By getting to know our women you’ll get to know why we feel so strongly about supporting her and growing her business. We want to constantly be introducing you to new female-owned companies so that you can start supporting the businesses that matter to you with ease!